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PlantSafe mining type field isolators

PlantSafe’s mining type field isolators were developed for harsh site conditions where the standard external door handles are often damaged, resulting in the compromise of safety and operational reliability. This solution negates the need for an external door-interlocked handle by utilizing a sliding mechanism which operates directly on the isolator toggle, whilst retaining the door interlock feature. The sliding mechanism also features lock-out provision and visual ON/OFF status of the isolator.

Optional features include emergency stop button, ammeter, isolator auxiliary contacts, etc. The enclosures are rated for outdoor applications in various steel options including mild steel, 3CR12 and 304 stainless steel. In addition, full size canopies are also available, and in severe cases fitted with a pvc curtain in front of the field isolator.


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PlantSafe Systems

PlantSafe mining type field isolators
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