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PlantSafe - Industrial Safety Products
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PlantSafe - Industrial Safety Products
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PlantSafe Systems (Pty) Ltd was established to service any type of industrial installations, with a comprehensive range of products, aimed at the safety of a plant, personnel and operational processes.

We specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of the well-known Eazyreach Swivel Pole, for lighting purposes on conveyors, gangways etc.

Our Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

This range is simple, robust and cost effective, such as padlocks, hasps, toggle type circuit breakers, pneumatics, plug lockouts, valves, substation logbooks etc.

PlantSafe consist of a group of engineers that specialise in the design, development and manufacture for lockout apparatus in the switchgear industry. We have successfully developed lockout devices for internal rotary mechanism circuit breakers and external door handles. All our products are of high standards, manufactured from robust stainless steel and patented to prevent substandard quality.

In addition, the company produces a range of supplementary products such as field isolators, welding socket feeders with integrated earth leakage protection, stop-start stations etc.

PlantSafe Systems - About Us

Keeping Your Employees Safe!Safety First

Lightning Protection

These parts would include the earth rods, clamps, down wiring / cable (we do the annealing process as well) earthmats, etc. All parts for a full installation of lightning protection, for any type of installation, being for e.g. pipe type installations (e.g. satellite dishes), wall an I-Beam type installations etc.

We are the ONLY local manufacturer of lightning protection components in South Africa.

Diesel Generation Plant Generators

Recently, PlantSafe has started with the development, design and manufacture of Diesel generator plants.

Efficient power and Sumitomo Corporation Africa have designed standard offerings for stand-alone or mains fail units from 62.5 to 750 kVA. Numerous multi-set solutions that can easily cover generation capacity up to 10 Mva (and above).

What differentiates our offer is that we are not only a supplier. We offer a unique quality service. We offer solutions to suit the customer’s specific need. Being hands-on, we aim to build a personal relationship with our customers, enabling us to design new innovative products that will set a new benchmark in safety. PlantSafe undertake to participate in site visits and project meetings.

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